Apostolic Movement - Are You Ready?

In Mexico, the houses are not built for rain. We discovered this in the first year that we moved there, when we had our first real thunderstorm. We sat without electricity for a couple of days. 

We thought, “That happens sometimes. Next time, it will be better.”

No, the Santa Ana winds started to blow and power lines began to sway. There was a lot of flickering, and the lights went out again.

We discovered that this was just the way things were in Mexico.

We fought it for a while, blaming it on the devil and the weather. One day, we came to a conclusion that this was just the way it was. We just needed to buy a generator.

The next time that the winds blew, the rain fell, and the thunder began, we were the only house in the neighborhood still watching our movie.

There were some important things that we needed to get wired up. We needed a light, internet connection, and the television. What else can you do when all the electricity is out?

The point is that we learned to prepare. Sooner or later, the storm was going to come. We did not know when or how often it was going to come.

However, there was something about that generator in the backyard that made me feel secure. When the rain did come, I was fully prepared for what would happen.

The Rain – Former and Latter Rain

Joel 2:23-24 Be glad then, you children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God; for He has given you the former rain faithfully, and He will cause the rain to come down for you — the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month. The threshing floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.

28-29 “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”

Rain is coming to the Church! The former and latter rain is coming, not just the latter rain. Are you prepared for the rain?

God is moving in His Church. He began moving some years ago. Through generations, there have been prophets who have spent hours on their knees, interceding for the move of God that we see in this day and age.

They have interceded through the dark ages and through the various revivals. Do you think you are the first to come? You are a generation of prophets that have been birthed on the knees of God’s people.

You were birthed through generations of people praying in their secret place, who would but dream to see what we freely walk in today.

Others were persecuted for what they believe in.

Apostle Paul said to the Church, “You get to experience the mystery.”

In the book of Hebrews, it says, “You get to see what they did not get to see.”

In our generation, we get to see what generations before us never saw. God has a plan for His Church. The rain is coming. Are you prepared?

I do not care if you believe in the fivefold ministry or not. I do not care if you believe in apostles or prophets. Are you ready for the rain because it is coming? Whether you believe it or not.

If you want to stick your head in the sand, knock yourself out. Yet, the rain is coming.

If you think that not believing it will stop the clouds from forming, you are in deception. This move has been prophesied for generations. It is time that we see the fruition of what God has promised us for years.

He has been knocking on our doors and warning us. Even now, there is a rumble in the earth. That is why you are sitting here. You feel the rumble. The problem is that you do not know what to do with it. You are not prepared.

You want God to bring the rain in your bucket, in your way. When the rain falls, it falls where it wills. Are you prepared to catch it the way that God needs you to? Are you prepared to channel it to where it needs to go?

In this new move that is coming to the Church, there are many different aspects that God is setting into place. The body of Christ sometimes looks a bit like a dismembered body. All these bits and pieces do not make a lot of sense, but it is coming together.

To discuss every aspect of what God is bringing to His church would take a lot longer than just one chapter. So, I am going to speak about two specific aspects of what we are seeing being resurrected in the Church.

I am not talking about something being birthed. It is not something new. This is a resurrection of a vision, the former and latter rain. There is only a latter if there is a former. We had the former. It is called the New Testament Church.

Have you ever wondered why verse 28 above said, “It will come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all men?”

At the birth of the New Testament Church, we saw an outpouring of the Spirit. We saw a mystery being born. It was something that could not have been anticipated. Yet, when they went back and looked at the Old Testament, they saw the truth that had been staring them in the face all along.

Are you prepared to look at the truth that has been staring you in the face all along? It is time that we complete the pattern that the apostles began in the New Testament Church.

Even now, God is raising up His fivefold ministry. It is not anything new.

“The fivefold ministry is the latest fad!”

Where have you been? It was there two thousand years ago. Catch a wake up.

This is not the birth of a new vision. This is a resurrection of what has been with us. We, today’s Church, stand at the threshold of participating in something that the apostles of old could only imagine.

I wonder, could Paul have envisioned what we see here today? Did he see it when he was sitting in prison, putting pen to paper, pouring out the wisdom that God had given him?

He reached one soldier after another. Do you think you need to reach the whole church from the pulpit with thousands of members? Paul had a pen and a parchment and the odd prison guard that came to take care of him.

Paul was saving the whole of Caesar’s household. They had to keep switching out the guards. He mentioned quite a few of them.

“Paul was not much of a leader those days. He only helped one man at a time. What could a man like that accomplish?”

I wonder if he could have seen into the future and looked into our face and seen where we have been and gone. I wonder if he could have imagined where we would be today.

They paid a very high price, with their blood, for the pattern that God had for His people. Are we prepared to take the baton that they have passed us and carry it to the next generation?

It is time for the latter rain. Whether you are ready or not, the rain is coming. God waits for no man. Do not think that He is sitting on His throne, waiting for you to get a clue.

If you do not want to step up, He will find someone else who will. Have no doubt, the rain is coming.

There are two main elements that I see God resurrecting in this End-Times Church.


  1. Restoration of Spiritual Parenting

  2. Restoration of Fivefold Ministry Teams


It sounds so progressive, right? Spiritual parenting and fivefold ministry teams!

If I said to Paul, “Check this out. We are so progressive.”

He would say, “What? This is what I did.”

Forget progressive. You need to go back and pick up what you have put down. If we want to see the power in today’s Church that they saw in the early Church, then we better take a few pages out of their book.

Restoration of Spiritual Parenting

How about we model ourselves after our models? How about we model ourselves after Jesus? He lived and ate with at least twelve men. There were even more because on the day of Pentecost, there were more than twelve gathered in that house.

He shared His life, day in and day out, for three years. He parented, imparted, and discipled. God is restoring this vision and pattern to the Church in today’s day and age.

Suddenly, all these shifts and nagging children that God keeps dropping at your door makes sense. You are tripping over them.

“What is going on? Another one? Where are all these babies coming from? Lord, what are you doing?”

You are trying to make your way to the pulpit, and you can hardly get there for all the orphans that He is putting at your feet.

It is time to get the memo. God is restoring spiritual parenting to the Church. It is time that you wake up. He is placing a call on your life that the likes of Peter and Paul walked in.

Do you understand the weight and responsibility? This is not an annoyance or a sidetrack. This is the pattern for God’s church.

I have good news for you. The latter is going to be more glorious than the former.

What we saw in the New Testament Church is but a taste, a glimpse of the power that we will see in the Church. This anointing is not just for you and me or for select leaders. This is for every single believer in the body of Christ.

We are to be a city on a hill, not a pillar on a hill. How are we going to establish that city unless every believer is walking in miracles, power, and the glory cloud of God?

That is going to take a bit of spiritual parenting.

Our Model – Apostle Paul

Romans 16:21 Timothy, my fellow worker, and Lucius, Jason, and Sosipater, my countrymen, greet you.

They were not always spiritual son and father. They started out as fellow laborers. There is such a different tone when you go to 1 Corinthians 4. We start out as Timothy, my buddy whom I serve the Lord with. Then, a shift comes…

1 Corinthians 4:15-17 For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel. Therefore I urge you, imitate me. For this reason I have sent Timothy to you, who is my beloved and faithful son in the Lord, who will remind you of my ways in Christ, as I teach everywhere in every church.

He says, “I want you to be imitators of me. However, just in case you do not know what I look like, I am going to send Timothy to you. I am sending him because he looks and preaches like me. You can receive from him and be receiving from me.”

Can you say that of those that you have fathered, discipled, and raised up? How many can you send to another church and say, “I cannot make the meeting, but take my son, Timothy, he will show you what I am about?”

It is a price to invest that trust into somebody else. It breaks a couple of boundaries, doesn’t it? How else are we going to change the Church?

We have someone with an incredible anointing on their life, a fantastic vision. How are you going to spread that vision throughout the body of Christ, unless there are five, six or seven of you?

Paul got that. He knew that he could not always be there. He knew that he could not be in every church. There was a whole world to be reached. 

He thought to himself one day, “I need more of me. If there was more of me, I could double my reach.”

The world even gets this concept. That is the sad truth. The Church is still lagging behind because that means, “someone else will get the glory that was meant for me”.

How are we going to change the Church, if we are stuck in Jerusalem? The Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost. Jesus said to His disciples, “Go forth and reach the world. Go to Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world.”

They were so excited and then the scripture right after that said, “They gathered together in Jerusalem.”

You guys have a great Jerusalem going on here. I love Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the bomb. Everything happens in Jerusalem.

Do you want to know what’s going on?

You need to go to Jerusalem!

It is great that Jerusalem got saved, but it is a pity about the rest of the world.

So, God sent an angel from heaven, Saul of Tarsus, to scatter the Church. They had to run for their lives. There is nothing like a little fire behind you to make you run.

Do you know what happened then? They started spreading the word. It was so amazing. They took all the doctrine of the apostles, everything that the apostles had imparted to them.

Wherever they ran, they dropped coals of fire. The next thing you know, a church in Antioch springs up out of nowhere. It was not founded by any apostle or evangelist. These were just believers that were so on fire and had received the fullness of the impartation of the apostles.

Tell me – if you let your church loose, would there be fire?

What if your church was scattered? Would they take coals with them and ignite this world? Have you imparted and entrusted that much to them that we, together, can change the world?

You are sitting in little Jerusalem with a nice little church and structure. You have a little warm fire to keep your hands warm.

I do not want a toasty fire. I want a raging inferno! 

I want to see the body of Christ rise up in power. I want to see a city on a hill that is drawing in the nations. I want to have our banner waving so high that the world around us sees.

I want them to be drawn to us, like moths to a flame.

The church in Antioch was born and the apostles had to send some people out. Isn’t it amazing that the very man who caused the scattering, causing Antioch to be birthed, ends up making this his home town? 

Antioch became Paul’s headquarters. He came back to Antioch again and again. God has a sense of humor. Paul was being used of God, unsaved as well as saved.

This process is only going to take place through spiritual parenting.

2 Timothy 2:1-2 You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

Therein is the pattern for the End-Times Church. Who have you entrusted with the gold that is within you that they may in turn entrust it to others? It will be as the message of Paul.

When you die one day, will your message die with you?

Does the word and vision that God has given you, die with you? Have you passed it on so that the flame may continue to be nurtured, from heart to heart, growing and growing?

The call of God is without repentance, but it does not mean that you are the only one that can carry that call out. You are dispensable, but the call will remain.

Will you pick up the call? If you will not, you can be sure that there are others that are hungrier than you. However, right now you are in a position that God can use you, so He will come to you first. 

Yet, if you do not pick up that baton, He will find someone who will because He is God. This is His church and pattern that He has promised us, since the beginning, that He would do.

He promised that He would bring us the former and latter rain. No matter what happened to Paul, even after he was beheaded, the word he taught continued.

How do you think we got the Bible in the first place? Who do you think gathered those parchments and made sure that they were kept?

It was the elders who wept upon him, on the beach. They clung to him when he said, “This is the last time you will see my face. Stop weeping. You are breaking my heart.”

It is those who took those parchments with their life and guarded them. They passed it from church to church. Is that what your ministry is doing?

That is the pattern for apostolic office.

You are clinging to your little parchment.

“I have a great vision.”

So does everyone else. What are you doing with your vision?

God has given you something incredible. It is not just for you. Unless it is handed out, how will it ever bear fruit? Unless the seed is planted into the soil and dies, it will not bring forth fruit.

You are afraid to see the seed die. You are afraid to plant the seed into hearts that will consume it and cause it to die.

So, whose seed is it again? Is it God who gives seed to the sower?

He gave you the seeds to sow. Do you have them in your cupboard or have you put them into hearts?

When you put them into hearts, sure enough, there are some that birds will come and steal and some that will land on a rocky heart. There are some that the weeds will rise and choke, but there are also some that you will sow in fertile soil and you will reap.

There will be a thousand-fold return and that one will take those thousand seeds and they will sow them and experience the same thing.

Not every seed will flourish. Do not be in delusion. You and I both know the truth. Yet, just because one seed dies, does that mean that you stop sowing?

Can you imagine a farmer that sows three seeds? Then, he waits and says, “There is no wheat this season. I may as well give up. These are bad seeds.”

You only sowed three. How do you know?

He does not only sow a couple of seeds and stop and wait to see what happens. He throws out as much seed as he can, because he knows what is going to happen.

He knows that the birds will get some and that some will never make it through the soil. He sows them all out. Out of all those seeds, the ones that gain root are the ones that produce the crop.

I know that you have sown seeds in vain, on hard soil. You have even had some throw their seed back at you.

Does that mean that you should stop sowing? Does that mean that the pattern is wrong? Just because some did not receive it, does that stop the rain from coming?

Paul knew that he could never do the work alone. You know that too, but are you willing to pay the price to do the work that God has given you?

You know that you cannot do it alone. You feel your own limitation, but you are trying to reach out within that limitation, instead of breaking loose and paying the price that God is asking you to pay.

You need to give without reserve. You need to allow yourself to be hurt and disappointed for the one seed that will flourish. That will be your reward.

What you do in secret your Father will reward you for openly. When your faith is in Him, you can be sure that He will water the right seed at the right time. Out of all those that you trip over and that God brings you, you may just have one Timothy.

Do you know that is all you need? You just need one who is prepared to take what God has given you and pass it onto the next generation.

That is why, even now, I am seeing God raise up family teams, husbands, wives and children. Who better to pass that on to?

If Paul would have had a son that continued in the ministry with him, I can imagine that he would have been the Timothy.

Not all of us have that opportunity, but with the work that we are doing, we are seeing God raise up so many different couples. We are seeing the Lord raising up families to stand up and be counted.

Do you want to know how this work is going to continue? It is going to continue when we pass on. When that passing on stops, the fire stops and God has to start all over again.

Restoration of Fivefold Ministry Teams 

Acts 15:40 But Paul chose Silas and departed, being commended by the brethren to the grace of God.

Cannot Do It Alone

Paul knew that he could not do it alone. Even though he had a spiritual son, he actually had a lot more than that. Timothy was not the only one that he worked with. Though, I would daresay that Timothy was the one who got all of his spiritual DNA.

Timothy got Paul’s anointing and doctrine. Everything that Paul was, Timothy became. I can imagine that if you saw them walking down the street together, they probably had the same limp. 

They must have pulled the same kind of face. There is something about when you rub off on people. You start pulling the same faces and saying the same things. I can imagine that people thought Timothy was his natural son. 

It is because of how much he received. Yet, Timothy was not the only one that Paul worked with. Paul also worked with Silas, who was a prophet.

The Fivefold Ministry

Paul knew what it meant to work with the fivefold ministry. They all worked together as a team.

Philip went ahead spreading the word and bringing fire. The apostles came afterwards, laid hands, and brought the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Then, Paul comes along to teach, and Silas to motivate and encourage.

Each of them played a part. It was so beautiful and seamless. They did not put much thought into it. In fact, when you read the book of Acts, Luke rambles on assuming that they obviously know what is going on.

It was so uncomplicated. They flowed from the Spirit and walked in the Spirit. When they walked in the Spirit, they did not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. They just did what God inspired them to do.

Each of them had their own place. There was no competition of everyone trying to be a prophet or everyone trying to be a teacher. They all did what was in them to do. As the Holy Spirit manifested in them each gift, they walked in that gift.

Yet, somewhere down the line we had to understand that, because it was a bit too simple for us.

We decided to complicate it.

Bit by bit, the anointing began to wane in the Church and a scattering took place.

God’s man for the hour started to rise up. We went through the dark ages. The Church lost its footing, but it never lost its call. It never lost the pattern to be the city on a hill.

Now, we are feeling the rumbling in the earth, the foundation under our feet shaking. Even as you are reading this, you feel it. I am just giving you a glimpse of what it will look like.

We will once again worship in Spirit and in truth, side by side.

Not by intellect and understanding!

We will naturally flow forth without all of our junk. The pattern is already laid upon our hearts.

It is not like the Old Testament where you have to go by the letter of the law. You do not have to “cross every t and dot every i”.

The law is on our hearts.

If you just stop and listen to what God has been telling you for years, you would be ten steps ahead already, but you are trying to intellectualize it. He never said that it is written on your intellect. It is written on your heart.

It is this annoying, churning struggle in your belly that you keep feeling and do not understand. You keep rebuking it, but it is God. It is His law trying to rise up out of you. It is His pattern. 

He needs you to walk it out and you will understand it later. The understanding will come. It is not like God wants to keep you stupid, He just wants to get you moving. He will give you the knowledge you need to walk it out, but you have to start moving first.

Prophets and Apostles

The prophets and apostles are a special breed. Even now, the Lord is raising them up within the Church.

Ephesians 3:4-6 By which, when you read, you may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ), which in other ages was not made known to the sons of men, as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to His holy apostles and prophets: that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel.

Paul is talking about something that nobody anticipated in the Old Testament. They knew that a Savior would come and that they would be set free.

When they looked at the Word, they could see that Jesus would die for the remission of sins and that He would redeem them. Yet, there was a mystery that Paul revealed.

In this passage above, Paul was saying, “There is a mystery that the Old Testament prophets did not know. There is something that we did not realize. The mystery that has been revealed is that the Gentiles will also come in.”

Up until then, they thought that salvation was only for the Jews. That was until the experience with Peter, right? That was the mystery that the Lord revealed to him. 

The Lord gave Peter a vision of a blanket coming down with all the animals on it.

The Lord said, “Peter, rise and eat. Do not call unclean what I have called clean.”

Then, Peter gets a knock on the door and the first Gentile Christians come to Christ. They see, salvation is for the Gentiles also.

Yet, after that, they continued to preach to the Jews only. So, the Lord did what He loves to do. He sent a Jew of all Jews to go to the Gentiles.

That revelation came through the apostles and prophets working side by side.

God is trying to bring a revelation, and it is actually something that has been staring us in the face.

He wants to bring a resurrection of His power. That is why He is saying, “You need to start working together.” It is because you need to bring the revelation to the Church. If you don’t bring the revelation, who will?

It is not for you to invite every other pastor and prophet to preach in your church.

You bring the message!

Why are you not bringing the revelation?

You should be getting this. God has it for you.

Apostle, if you would work together with the prophets, you could be raising up those that God has put at your feet.

Did Paul bring Peter in saying, “Please, come and preach at my church?”

They fellowshipped and were brothers, but Paul did not need that. He had enough revelation to go around. He worked together with the prophets. He had a foundation and a blueprint.

He did not need it. He was in touch with God. He knew what God wanted and where He was taking the church. He was riding that wave. Are you riding the wave to go where God needs you to go?

It is only going to happen with the team. That is why you keep bringing other people in. You know that you cannot do this on your own. Yet, God is dropping at your feet the very people that can help you surf this wave.

He is trying to create a circumstance, here and now, to help you to achieve that goal. You are saying, “Why is the revelation not coming?”

It is because not all of the pieces are in place. That is why we are seeing a restoration of the fivefold.

What use is it for you to get the whole revelation and you do not have people to slot into it yet?

You will get it a piece at a time.

Even the New Testament was not written in a day.

That is how the mystery was revealed. It did not just pop up out of nowhere. They walked it out a step at a time until the penny began to drop.

They were continually moving forward.

That is what I feel the Holy Spirit urging you to do today. You need to step forward into something new. Take a step out of your comfort zone, so that you can get a fresh revelation.

You do not need a prophet to come and give you a word from God. You can get it from God yourself, with the prophet, side by side. One can take a step and the other another step.

You can confirm and back one another so that you can lay the foundation for the End-Times Church.

Creating an Environment for Growth

Not an Overnight Change

It is not going to be an overnight change. Jesus took three years. He was the Son of God. He was perfect!

I can imagine that He taught perfectly, He had all the anointing that He needed and there was no limitation.

It still took Him three years, day in and day out with His disciples, in order for Him to raise them up. However, when He left, He laid the entire weight of the church on the shoulders of just a few men.

That is quite a risk. You and I have paid our price. We have gone through the fire and done what we had to do, but can we really say that we paid the price that Jesus paid?

He went through a process to hand everything to twelve men that might make it.

He trusted the Holy Spirit in them to get the job done. He also trusted in what He put in them for the three years that they were with Him.

Start Where the People Are 

It is going to take time and investment. Every church is at a different stage of progress. Where is your church and ministry at?

In some churches, there is an influx of prophets. In others, there are pastors, teachers or evangelists.

It is not only the prophets that are rising up. All of the fivefold are rising up.

Where is your church at, and are you bringing the balance?

Depending on what the people need, God will bring enough to meet that need. Each of the fivefold ministry are going to bring the same message.

Have you noticed that?

You will get an evangelist, a teacher and a prophet in a room. They will all say the same thing, but in a different way. They are meant to. It is the anointing that separates them, not the message.

The message is the same. It is the way that they deliver that message that is different.

An evangelist is going to walk into a church and see the sin. He is going to see the unrighteousness. He is going to come with the fire of the Holy Spirit and speak about the spirit of the world and demons will manifest. He is going to shake the church and call it to revival.

The teacher would do the same thing, but he would do it with the sword. He would say, “The Word of God says that the root of bitterness defiles many.”

It is the same message delivered in a very different way.

Then the prophets will come and point out all the hurts and broken sheep.

Each one has the same message, but a different anointing. God is already starting to bring this to pass within the church. It is for you, as an apostle, to bring the environment for each one of them.

Creating an Environment for the Prophet

The prophet is meant to bring the Church into a face-to-face relationship with Jesus. Let me give you a run down of what a prophet is meant to be doing. They are meant to be revealing Jesus to His people, not themselves to the people.

They are meant to be helping believers find their place in the body. You, as an apostle, have your structure and pattern that you have put in order. It is for the prophet to say, “I feel led of the spirit that this person should be in this part of the structure. I see this vision and this is where God has them right now.”

Then, it is for the apostle to say, “That is a good idea. Who can we use to train this person up in this capacity?

This person is very evangelistic, so let’s find an evangelist to train this guy so that he can find his place in the body.”

The prophet may come along and say to the apostle, “I feel that the Lord is calling this person to be a teacher or to this sort of ministry.”

It is for the apostle to say, “Alright. What can we do about that? I have this division that I think this person will flourish in perfectly.”

Yet, the problem is that the prophet wants to do it all.

“I see that this person needs to be here. I am going to tell them that this is what they are called to. I am going to put them in place. I am going to lay hands on them, train them and minister to them.”

Then you wonder why you are butting heads with everyone. It is not for you to do all the work. You each play a part.

It is for the apostle to have the structure and pattern.  When you each work together it is so beautiful. Let me tell you, as an apostle, it is nice not having to always get the revelation.

It is tiring. There are lots of people that we are working with. Do you know how many people we work with all the time? If I had to get revelation for every last one of them, I would be exhausted.

I do not have time to do that. I need to be on the mountain, in the presence of the Father, getting the pattern. I do not have time to be with Joshua down in the field.

You, as an apostle, cannot do both. That is also where the confusion is. You see the prophets out there with the swords, doing battle, and you think that it is so cool. You would rather be in battle than on the mountain.

You would rather be out there trailblazing, on the cutting edge and looking cool with your sword gleaming in the sunlight.

However, you are just standing on the mountain, tiresomely shouting, “Go Joshua!”

I was a prophet first. I liked being Joshua. He was so cool. We traveled, took the land, spread the word, placed people in office, and helped them find their place. Then, I ran off not needing to care what happened with them afterwards.

That was my apostle’s problem, not mine. Praise you Lord!

I would just say, “This one belongs here. That one belongs there.”

I just kept running. I loved being the trailblazer. It was like Paul said to Timothy. You go out ahead of me and prepare the people. Then, I will come. I like that part. I like breaking new ground.

So, he would send me out to a new church or country. We would go and meet the people, start the work and do all the exciting stuff. Then, the apostle would come and set the structure.

We would then go off to the next place, which was cool because I am expressive and I love new food.

Off we went again. I thought that I could do this forever. This was my life.

Then I became an apostle.

The Lord said to me, “Moses!”

“Yes Lord.”

“What are you doing down there in the trenches? Get on that mountain.”

“But Lord, I like it down here. I love the sight of blood in the morning. I live for this stuff.”

“It has changed. If you are always in the trenches, how are you ever going to receive my pattern that I have given to you?”

He brought me some spiritual sons and daughters and some prophets to train up. They got to have all the fun. They got to meet everyone for the first time, deliver the words, go ahead, prepare the way, and break the ground.

I just came with the pattern.

You think that it is easy for the apostle to have the pattern?

“It’s not fair! I also want the pattern.”

There is a price to pay, to be the one to get the pattern. It is boring up there. You just have Aaron and Hur.

You get to see things that they did not get to see.

Moses received an incredible pattern, but it was Aaron who went into the Holy of Holies. It was the family of Aaron that got to be the high priests, not Moses.

There is a high price to pay to be an apostle. A lot of times that means stepping back so that others can take the land.

When it is taken, then you can walk in and say, “Good job. Now, let’s put everything into place and bring structure.”

In my team, the prophets especially, they come to me and say, “Mom, this one has a clear teaching call.”

I say, “Good. Put them under this trainer, take them through this module, and then report back to me once they have reached this stage.”

“Mom, this person clearly has a prophetic call, but they are not ready yet.”

“Put them in the Fivefold Ministry School. Have them do this curriculum. Watch their progress and if you feel that they are making good progress, we can switch them over to the Prophetic School. Get back to me when they are ready.”

I do not need to do everything. I just set the structure in place.

“Mom, we have this invitation. What should I tell them?”

“Do this, this and this.”

“I am sensing this in the spirit. I feel God calling me to do this.”

“Ok. On Thursday, I want you to arrange a meeting. Get your notes together so you can preach. Let’s get this organized.”

That is what I do. I set the structure and pattern. Every now and again, I get to preach. However, they are the trailblazers. They are the ones that go out and break the ground. That is what the prophets are meant to be doing.

Yet, if you are not investing into them, when you let them loose what is going to happen? Could you let your prophet loose on the world right now? Is the world ready?

That is the point. How else do you think that you are going to grow? Is it with your charisma?

Your charisma just goes so far. You are only one person. You need somebody to break ground for you. You need somebody to take what God has put in you and imitate you.

Once the ground is broken, you can come in and say, “Fantastic job! Here is the structure.

Perhaps you were the ground breaker. That was your passion. You wanted to break ground and start works. It was so cool. Then, it just fell flat.

“What happened to the anointing? God left me.”

No, God is elevating you!

There is a higher call coming. It is time to train others to break ground. How else are you going to grow? You are one person. Instead of breaking ground in one church, you can be breaking ground in five churches.

What pattern has God given you as an apostle? What is your structure? That is what you should be on the mountaintop, like Moses, getting.

Moses did not just go up the mountain once. He went up again and again, at least seven times. That is how he got the pattern for the Israelites.

In the same way, God will call you again and again to the mountaintop. Yet, if you are sitting in the valley, fighting the enemy, how are you going to get the pattern on the mountaintop?

You are too afraid to let that control go.

I know why you are afraid. It is because the prophets are not ready.

You and I both know what is going to happen. You are going to let them loose and they are not going to break ground in accordance to the pattern that God has given you.

Whose fault is that?

You are the apostle. They are not the apostle.

If Aaron went into the Holy of Holies and did the job wrong, whose fault would it have been?

It would have been Moses’ fault.

What would have happened if Moses did not tell Aaron how to enter into the Holy of Holies?

Aaron would have died, like his son did. However, Moses made it very clear, right down to the rings on the curtains.

Are people saying that you are nit picky?


You are in a good place. You better be nit picky because God has a clear pattern for you, and He will make you nit picky.

Do they have that structure of where they are meant to be going and what they are meant to be doing?

If they are not walking in that structure, you have not taught it to them or perhaps you do not have a clue.

You are just hoping that they will wing it and somehow stumble across the Spirit and it will all work out.

Let it go. It does not just happen.

It did not just happen for Jesus. He had a clear pattern of what was going to happen. Step by step, He warned His disciples.

“Guys, this is how it is going to go. I am going to die, I am going to resurrect, this is how it is going to happen, this is the structure…”

That is why Paul could say to Timothy, “You know me, down to the letter of the law that I teach. You are an imitator of me. Take the letter of the law and pass it down to others, same structure.”

No matter where you go in the New Testament, you will see the churches in the structure of either Peter, Paul, or one of the other apostles. They had a clear structure for others to move around in.

We think that structure stifles, but it does not. It brings freedom.

I know that you think bringing a structure will hinder the prophets, but you do not realize how much the prophets are asking for it.

That is why they are crying out for spiritual fathers and mothers.

They have all this passion. Since they are so pushy and loud-mouthed, you think that they will spew at you for hindering them with a structure.

It is you trying to squash their fire that is making them spit and spew.

The structure should give liberty, within a boundary. Not just because it is convenient for you, but a revelation from God.

When was the last time that you went through the Word and sought God for a structure of how you should handle those in your church?

Then, did you go to the church and say, “Guys, I have had a face-to-face with the Lord? From now on, I feel that we should be ministering in this capacity. I want you to take all that fire in you and let’s work together within this realm.”

Your prophets will say, “Thank you Lord… FINALLY!”

They are like wild stallions. They are wild and crazy. Yes, this is true. However, that does not mean that they do not want to be part of this team of horses. They want very much to be part of this team.

It is in the heart of every prophet to want to be useful. It is because they hurt with the hurting and have so much hunger for the broken hearted that they have so much passion.

Give them a structured opportunity and you have just found yourself a Timothy, who will stick by your side. You would have given them something that nobody else had the courage to give them – a place.

I do not mean a place to prophesy, give prophetic words, and get revelation for people. I mean a place to help implement the structure that God has given you.

How many do you send out to preach, minister, and counsel?

You should have them do this, within the doctrine that God has given you. You need to give them the liberty to walk out their anointing, within your structure.

It is the price of the prophet to submit to that and to realize that this is their safety net.

You can be as prophet as you like within that structure. You can lay out all of that power.

They are crying out for this. Yet, they are misunderstood, over-emotive, and causing a ruckus. A lot of them are even demonized.

I remember a particular seminar that we had in Switzerland. We had to work through a translator. There was a lovely, young girl who was going to translate for us that the pastors had arranged.

They introduced me to her and let me know that she would be translating for me.

I thought, “Oh no! There is a whole lot going on here. She has a heart for God, but there are some demons going on here.”

There was an hour to go before the meeting started.

They were going to stick me with this person. I was feeling those demons and I thought, “I know myself. I am not going to be able to stand next to her without trying to deal with those demons.”

I was not going to be able to preach.

I sat her down and said, “Ok, I do not mean any disrespect, but we have an hour and you have demons. Usually, if I had the time, I would take you through the process and we would work through it.

However, we really only have an hour. So, can we just deal with the demons because we need to stand up there and I do not have time for this.”

She said, “Praise God. That’s the thing that has been holding me back!”

She was such a prophet, through and through.

She was hungry for God. Yet, nobody got in her face. They just avoided her. They said, “She has potential, but she also has these weird, quirky things, like… an angel of light.”

Either they ignored her or squished her down. Nobody actually got into her face and said, “Let’s deal with the demon. It is enough.”

If you want to interpret for me, then this is what I expect:

You will deal with the demon and flow in the spirit.

You will not make me wait.

You will speak right after I speak.

This is how we are going to work together.

She appreciated the structure.

She said, “Ok, I can do that. If that is what you expect from me, that is good.”

Do your prophets know what you expect from them or are you just waiting for them to pick it up in the spirit, because they are prophets?

They are not psychics. They are prophets.

One of my team members came to the breakfast table one time with a cloud over their head. They were grumpy and it was not just because they did not have a good sleep.

I waited...

They pretended that everything was ok.

I said, “I am not a psychic. I am a prophet. Don’t make me get revelation. What’s up with you?”

Do your prophets know what you expect from them?

They really need that. They need to know if you do not like it when they do something.

They can deal with that. They just cannot deal with being ignored. It makes them feel unloved. It hurts them. Then, you take their hurt as rebellion.

Do they know what does and does not fly in your church?

Are you saying, “I recognize your call and I appreciate what the Lord has put in you? However, you have a way to go. You need to grow up a little.

So, you need to go through a season of training. Then, we can get together again in a few months and talk again. Although, I recognize you and appreciate what the Lord has put in you, you are not ready.

This does not mean that I will never give you an opportunity. I am just saying that if you are going to be used in the capacity that God has given me, there is a certain level of maturity that I expect from you.”

You just set the playing field. They can decide if they like it or not, but you just set the structure. This way you also weed out right from the beginning.

You will not invest your heart into so many people that will end up saying, “that is not what I came here for” when you get into a crunch.

When you see someone that has a prophetic call, you can let them know how it is.

“I do not mind that they give a prophetic word. However, if you want to rise up into leadership, there are a few things that I am going to expect from you.” 

Gehazi vs. Elisha

Let me show you what I expect:

1 Timothy 3:1-6 This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work. A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous; one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?); not a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil.

Now, tell me something. If these are the qualifications for an overseer, how much more for a prophet?

Why are we not putting this expectation on the prophets?

Why are we allowing people to stand up, in ministry leadership positions, who do not have their home in order?

Does it fly for you, pastors?

Did you have the call of God on your life and then suddenly the doors just opened and you were allowed to be a pastor?

No. I sure know that this did not happen for me. I had to qualify. I had to go through fire. I had to learn the Word and study. I had to be qualified before I was given any position by God or man.

How about you? Did you just walk in one day with a whole church?

I did not and anyone else in full time ministry did not either. They paid a price before God or man recognized them. So, why are we not laying this structure down for the prophets?

Should they not be more accountable than a deacon? Should they not be held to a higher expectation?

They give a prophetic word so then that means that they get a pass because you feel the anointing.

The anointing is not good enough! Saul was also anointed. So much so that he was slain in the spirit, prophesying. Look where that got him. He was not obedient.

We misunderstand the difference between ministry and leadership. The anointing they have received, but do they qualify for leadership?

If you are in full-time ministry, you know that weight and expectation that people have when they stare into your eyes.

They look into your marriage, family, life, and how you treat money. They look into every last detail.

Yet, prophets can just stand up and prophesy because the anointing of God is on them. So, they can just stand up in the church, prophesy, and then go back to a broken home.

Would you be allowed to remain as a pastor, if your house was in the same condition as the home of some of these prophets?

Apostle, what is your expectation? What is the pattern that God has given you?

It is not easy and I even feel the prophets squirmy. Yet, as uncomfortable as it is, doesn’t it feel ok?

You can see what you have to aim for. You can see the bar. You are not just going to be a prophet, but a leader in the kingdom of God.

You do not need to worry about the anointing. The Holy Spirit has your back there.

Moses did not need to wield the sword for Joshua. Joshua had that down. Moses just needed to give the pattern of how the structure was set in place.

You need to decide, with the Holy Spirit, what you believe is acceptable for, not just a prophet, but a leader in your church. I am making this a little broader because the prophets are not the only ones.

All of the fivefold ministry is coming to you. Like I said, “The rain is coming.”

Do you have that structure in place?

What expectation and pattern do you have for someone to rise up in leadership in your ministry? Also, what are you going to do with them once they get there?

Are they just going to sit in the front chairs in the pulpit? What are you going to do with these guys?

Sure, they make you look good. However, you need a lot more than just having people sitting up front and giving a prophetic word every now and then.

Were they not meant to be sent out, break ground, and mature the saints?

How about you come to the meeting and say, “This church is lacking in faith. I need a teacher to bring some teaching anointing to these people.”

“You, come on! I need some anointing.”

The church is down and discouraged and they need a motivator.

“You, prophet... come. Motivate!”

This is why it is important that you have already set the structure for leadership and what you expect from them, before they can rise up into that position. Now you know that you can trust them to stand up and represent you.

From experience, I know that you do not grow any less.

They paid a price to get where they are. That is what a lot of prophets do not understand. This is what we try to teach them.

You think that a pastor just rose up overnight?

Do you think he said, “Cool, I cannot wait for the suffering, rejection, and to hear people tell me what to do? I cannot wait for the financial load.

I cannot wait for people to tell me that I am wearing the wrong shoes, not dressing right, and using the wrong words in my message. I cannot wait for people to tell me that I have offended them with a joke that I made.”

They have paid a price!

God made them pay a price and their leadership made them pay a price. They had to study and show themselves approved. They did not just waltz into it one day.

It is about time that you pay the price.

It is because they paid the price that they appreciate standing up there.

This is also why they fear giving you that place.

“The pastor never lets anyone on his pulpit.”

Did you earn it, like they earned it?

When you have earned it with your blood, sweat, and tears, it is a baby. As a mom, I am not going to hand my baby over to just anyone.

Are you prepared to qualify and work with that leader and bear their child lovingly in your arms? Are you just going to hold the baby by the feet, complaining about how much you do not like it?

Do you know the price they have paid to bring that child into the world?

Now, you are just tossing it around and saying, “Do you know what an ugly nose your baby has? This is a deformed baby.”

Maybe it is, but they paid a price for that ugly baby. They are not just giving you their pulpit. They are giving you their heart.

What are you doing with it when you have it?

Are you crushing it and telling them that it is not good enough, pretty enough, organized enough, or holy enough for you? Are you telling them that it is not spiritual enough or Word-based enough?

They have travailed with the call on their life, they have failed and then got back up again. There were many around them that did not get back up again. Yes, they are not perfect, but they did not get here by mistake.

Then, you come as a little upstart with all your great ideas. Now, there is nothing wrong with your ideas or passion. We love your fire and anointing. We love to revel in the music when you pour out and the spirit flows.

However, will you love that baby, even if it is an ugly one? Will you nurture the good in it?

Perhaps the church is very status quo and stuck in its ways. It is ugly to you, but it is beautiful to the Lord and to the leader that nurtured it.

Yes, that baby needs to grow. Maybe you are the midwife or the babysitter. Maybe you are the one to make it grow. Regardless, you better love it as much as they do. When you love it as much as they do, you are not going to need to fight your way to the pulpit.

They will feel safe to entrust their heart to you. They will feel safe to raise you up. They are not going to feel that they are going to raise you and then you will say, “Now, let me show you something!”

The anointing is one thing. Spiritual maturity is another.

You, apostles, swing from one to the other extreme.

There are those that have said, “I am not having any of that. You will sit down and shut up until I let you speak.”

Then, you have others who are recognizing this move and anointing. Since you are sensing it so strongly, you feel compelled to just let them go.

That has backfired because what comes out sometimes has not been the Holy Spirit.

There has been a spirit, just not the Holy one.

Instead of bringing healing to the church, it ends up bringing confusion.

As the pastor, you are going to be like that shepherd who sees that wolf in sheep’s clothing as a threat. That is your baby it is messing with.

However, if you set that structure from the beginning and say, “I see your passion, but if you really want to be used of God in this ministry and you want to come alongside me, these are what the steps look like.

I do not care if they sound status quo to you. I do not care if you do not like them. Feel free to find another ministry that is even prepared to give you those steps in the first place.”

When you set that structure and they start climbing those steps, a relationship is going to form.

As a leader, when you see someone that has such a hungry heart and they are prepared to put that investment in, you keep your eyes open to see if they are the Timothy.

I wonder what will happen, if I do not recognize them. I wonder what will happen, if I say that I do not like that prophetic word. I wonder if they will still stick around.

You say, “That is unacceptable. That word was a deception.”

They stick around and say, “Ouch! Ok, I am sticking to your heels.”

Hmm... you are going to pay the price, eh?

If God has put you where you are, are you prepared to jump through the hoops?

“Why should I abide to the rules of man?”

God said so!

I know that you see with different eyes, but you need wisdom, maturity, and leadership ability. The leader has that stuff. You may have the anointing, but the leadership thing that he has, you need.

To get to that, you are going to need to climb the steps. It is not going to be comfortable. There is going to be some letting go of yourself.

At times, God may shift you. He may send you to another leader or apostle. Yet, are you prepared to be what God has called you to be?

The anointing is the easy part. The Holy Spirit has an abundance. He is not lacking in anointing. There are hundreds of anointings.

Yet, how many people in the Church today, have the ability to walk it out with wisdom?

How many people have the ability to communicate that anointing in a way that people will receive it?

That is what your apostle should be teaching you.

You do not need to impart the anointing to them or give them more revelation. You just need to tell them what they need to do to function efficiently in the pattern that God has given you.

It brings a rest. If you stop and think about it for a minute, you see what God has been trying to tell you.

You think, “That is why that was on my heart. I thought that was too restrictive. That is why I felt that certain way and thought that we should start doing this, but I did not get it.”

If you can open a dialogue with your team, then you can share what is in your spirit with them. That is the structure that I have set. However, you need to seek God on what structure you want to set.

“You are more than welcome to share with me what God tells you, but know this, I will wait on confirmation from God on that word to make sure that the timing is right. Do not think that just because you have a revelation that I am going to jump.

We are going to work this through together. I am prepared to listen, but are you prepared to wait?

Your word may not necessarily be wrong, but your timing may be. God is not finished with that word. There is more to it. Are you prepared to trust me as much as I allow you liberty?”

You can begin to work together now. They know where you stand and you know where they stand. You know your boundaries and they know their boundaries. They know where they have liberty and where they are overstepping.

If they want to come into the next circle, you can tell them what they can expect for that also.

The church is waiting for the apostles to set the structure.

The prophets are waiting for the liberty to express the anointing through that structure.

God is a God of order. You know that.

How do you think that order is going to come to the church, unless you bring it?

The rain is coming. Moses, it is time to go up the mountain and get the pattern. It is time to go into the presence of the Father and allow Him to inscribe on your heart. You need to get the vision, the step by step instruction that He has for you.

Then, you may impart that to others. Do not expect them to give you the pattern. They are waiting on you. They do not have a revelation of the pattern. Their revelation will flow within the pattern that you receive.

How can God give them the right revelation, if they do not have the right place to express it?

I feel the drawing of the Father. He is saying, “Come.”

The mountain is shaking and you are going in fear and trembling before Him.

He says to you, “Before you climb the mountain, you cleanse yourself and let go of your baggage. Put down everything and come alone, Moses. Come into my presence and speak to me face-to-face.”

Stand in the midst of the cloud, with all of the noise around you, until you cannot see, hear, or understand anything except for the power of His presence.

Then say, “Speak Lord. Your servant is listening.”

Go there again and again, as He draws you and write the pattern down. A time will come for you to come down that mountain. Then, it will be time for you to implement it. By then, your Aarons will be waiting.

Hopefully, without a golden calf, but that is for another message.

Those prophets are waiting for you.

They are messing up in the mean time, going through their training. While they are going through their training, you can head up that mountain.

Perhaps you have been feeling this drawing away from the people and what you have done. Maybe you sense a deep rumbling in your spirit and you find yourself distracted, like you should be engaged with what you are doing, but you feel a drawing.

You feel like the Father is saying, “Come away with me.”

He is calling you to the mountain. In the noise, it will be so quiet, as His voice begins to speak to you.

“Holy Spirit, I call forth those apostles right now in the name of Jesus. I call forth those Moses’. Let go of your wilderness. You have had your burning bush experience. You know that you have heard the call. You have heard God.

It is time to set God’s people free and to lead them to the Promised Land. Yet, first it is time to go up that mountain. There is a tearing in your heart to let go of what you know, the solid ground beneath your feet.

You need to go into the unknown. You do not know what you will see. You cannot imagine what you are going to experience, but you know that you must go.

I see the hand of the Father reaching to you saying, “Come and join me in the cloud.”

I thank you, Holy Spirit, for your conviction. Carry them and pick them up on your wings. I release those patterns in the spirit right now in the name of Jesus. I release very clear, distinct patterns for each one that they may take the piece that you have given them.

They will be a piece of this pattern for this End-Times Church that you will release your glory upon.”

The Lord gave me a vision so many years ago. As I was in prayer, He showed me the world as a golden chess board. There were pieces that were cut out.

One by one, I saw the Lord put a piece in place in each space.

When He put the last piece in place, a fire came in such power that it engulfed the earth.

He said to me, “Even now, in obscurity, I am training and raising up my mighty warriors. My apostles will find their place and add their piece to my pattern. When each one finds their place and establishes their pattern, I am going to send my fire on this earth.

There will be a revival and a move of My Spirit that the world has never seen before. This revival will not take place in one nation, city, country, or continent. It will be a universal revival that will erupt spontaneously in the same might and spirit as did my early Church. This earth will know my name.”

So, if you feel like you are dangling in the air, then you are right where you need to be to be put in place.

Establish the piece that God has given you. Let everyone else worry about their piece. You just work on yours. Together, we are going to connect.

Wave your banner high, set your structure true, and let God move in your life. Amen.

Colette Toach