Restructuring of the Church

By: Colette Toach

For I am indeed bringing my Bride into a new season of power and of faith, says the Lord. For it is time that she comes to me without the veil so that I can look on her face and adore her. For far too long now she has been veiled and distracted, but this will now change. For I shall move on my people in mighty ways.

I will revive some parts, and I will remove some parts. I will equip some parts, and I shall take away armor from some parts.

What Will Be Removed

So look ahead for a mighty change in my Body in the months that are ahead, my child, for I shall remove some that stand up high, and I shall lift some that have remained down low. For it is time for my mighty warriors to equip my Bride for the task that I have for her. As she appears now, she has some healthy body parts and some unhealthy. In some parts of my body, the blood flow is being cut off by leaders that want to control her and keep that portion for themselves.

However, I am going to remove these blockages, says the Lord, and those that have stood in the way and poisoned my body shall surely be removed.

What Will Be Added

However, I will not remove without giving life, and I will displace the disease with new life and with living water. Those parts that have been without life for so long will suddenly be revived. So, do not look for revival in the obvious places, my child. Do not look for my hand to move out in the open where it would seem obvious. Rather, look for revival in the dry and dead places. The places where you expect it least.

For I shall not come to the many, but I shall come to the few. I will not come to the large gathering and the visible establishments, but I will visit my power on the hidden ones. I will flood my life and my blood to the parts of my Body that have been starved for it.

Who Will be Sent

Instead, I will take those who already know my power, and I will send them to the dry and dead places. I will make those who know my power dissatisfied with what they have. Then, they will go and bring my Body life once again. One by one, I will release my workers with a message and with power into the dry and dead parts.

Then, slowly my Body will begin to receive life as a whole. So, look up and see that I will work, and I will prepare my Bride. For there will be many visions and many ministries and many different modes of operation. I will not favor one over the other. However, I will breathe into my Church a variety of workers as it has never seen.

Realizing Your Purpose

So, watch out for them my child, for this is the part that you will play. To identify them and to bring them in. To equip them and to help them realize their purpose in my Body. For I am about to diversify as never before and create leaders for every kind of person.

Yet as each vision and purpose will differ, the anointing and my Spirit will be the same. To restore to my church a love for me. To bring life to the dead and to open the blind eyes. To bring to fruition a glorious Church that will shine from east to west for all to see. Watch as I bring about this restructure. Watch and be ready to play your part, for there are many parts that need to be filled.

Then when the doors open, walk through them with boldness and with power. For with each door your walk through, I will open yet another. With each door you walk through, I will surely increase the anointing on your life. Stand now my child in confidence and in my name, for I am the head of my Church. I am the bringer of power, and I will breathe on her to bring her to the place that I need her to be, says the Lord. Amen

Colette Toach