Meet the TEam

My name is Colette Toach and getting to write the “Meet the Team” page is a long standing privilege that I get to keep! Craig and I are proud to introduce the incredible warriors that walk alongside us. We function in a diversity of circles - the closest being our ministry team and then branching out to spiritual family, students, associates, friends and members. Below are those that we work the closest with and have the greatest impact on Apostolic Movement and its various divisions.


Craig Toach

Apostle, Founder, CEO

The spiritual covering and pillar of stability to the AMI Team and spiritual family. His place as the spiritual father is a daily ministry of impartation, instruction, teaching and training.


Colette Toach

Apostle, Founder, CFO

The persevering force driving the vision forward, Apostle Colette is the author of most of the AMI resources with a firm grasp on the financial health of AMI and all associate ministries.


Philip Sager

Apostle, Teacher, AMISA Resident Apostle, AMISA Schools Chancellor

Sharp, but also highly regarded by all of our students, Philip is the covering and passion behind all training done in South Africa and is working closely with ministry leaders across cultures. He is easy to approach and respect, but also unafraid to stand firm when its needed. His international mindset lends to the simplicity with which he connects and establishes relationships with those who mean business with God.


Chaifa Berry

Apostle, Pastor, AMI San Diego Resident Apostle, Pastor Teacher School Principal

The glue that brings the team together, bringing all the training we offer into focus, internationally. The overseer of the spiritual condition of the team members and students. We like to think of her as the “big sister” in our AMI Family because if you ever wanted someone to be your “go-to”, it is Chaifa!


Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Prophet, Principal AMI Prophetic School

Sharp and to the point, Deborah-Anne is one of our most invested trainers, having trained prophets into office, internationally. Your progress is her dinner conversation and your success her success. BEWARE: Armed and dangerous! Not a trainer for those who don’t mean business with God.


Anne Chen

Prophet, Trainer

Persistent, loyal and determined, Anne is a trainer that follows through to the end. She is flexible and has accumulated so many talents that it is easy for the Lord to use her in a diversity of ministry functions. From trainer to administrator and public relations - there is very little she cannot do!


Esther Schaer

Prophet, Leader AMI Europe

In amongst raising 4 children, helping run the farm, and being there for our international students, Esther is invested into creating a place for people to belong. Opening their farm for the work of God, she ministers in meetings and events in Switzerland.


Christof Schmid

Pastor, IT Specialist

Yep you heard that right - a programmer that ministers in the Word. Sometimes a tough balance to achieve, Chris allows the Holy Spirit to give him wisdom for the tasks at hand, but never forgets the simplicity of the Word. He is the kind to give the perfect word in season and handle a bunch of programming glitches, all before lunch.


Thomas Faes

Administrator, Business Manager

Currently in prophetic training, Thomas is a fireball of passion and abilities. He is a loyalist that is not easy to stop once he gets started. Passionate for the Lord and seeing God’s people come to know Him face to face. With a business call, he works closely with Apostles Craig and Colette in their business division.


Anja Sager

Apostle, Prophet, AMISA Resident Apostle, AMISA CFO

Powerful in counseling and the ministry of inner healing, Anja is also the motivation behind the financial health of AMI South Africa and all associate ministries. A powerhouse that raises 3 children, runs a full ministry center, homeschools and takes care of the business of God.


Denise Jordan

Apostle, Prophet and Trainer

Sharp and invested into every student she trains. Denise is the fire behind every student that has the potential to rise up into office. A warning should be added - if she decides to “take you through”, you will have a hard time to get her to give up on you. A loyalist with a soft hand and sharp chisel.


Austin Toach

Pastor, Resident Pastor AMI San Diego, Principal Fivefold Ministry Campus

Quick to listen and slow to spout an opinion, Austin is the voice of reason. The stability of the team and a ready pillar for everyone to lean on. Committed to the daily spiritual and natural needs of the team and associates. Austin is gladly the first up and last to bed to make sure that everything is taken care of.


Rebekah Toach

Team Leader and Administrator

Soon to be married to Dalton Beckering, Rebekah is the latest edition to our team and the leader to the team we refer to as the “W Team.” They are a team dedicated to the body ministries. They invest time, finances, effort and jump in to serve in any capacity that God sends them. Reliable, diligent, and everyone’s “little sister” that outdoes us all.


Kelly Dusek

Pastor, AMISA Team Member

Passionate about Jesus and the kind of person that travails long with God’s people, he is a “go-to” person to many who seek shelter from the storm. Kelly is not afraid to be direct, but will lean more towards motivation, healing, and exhortation than towards the chisel.


Anja Schmid

Prophet, Administrator

A team member of our “W Team”, Anja rolls with the punches with a host of skills that allows the Lord to use her anywhere. From standing in agreement for a breakthrough in someone’s life, to helping you change your course payment. Expecting their first child, she and Christof grow daily integrating family, ministry, and work!


Rahel Faes

Pastor, Trainer

Sharp in the Word and diligent to seeing all her students through to graduation, she is also a stabilizing influence to the ministry center in South Africa. Easy to like and hard to imagine that her sweet nature hides such a sharp sword! A mother of two that homeschools and does the work of God in the mission field.


Nathan Berry

Apostle, Prophet, AMI San Diego Resident APostle, Pastor Teacher School Principal

A team builder with a sharp edge that gets the job done. Nathan is a trainer of teams with a firm grasp on the financial health of AMI. Nothing gets passed him as the apostle of AMI Headquarters in San Diego. Don’t let the titles scare you though, Nathan is affectionately known as everyone’s “big brother” and is the helping hand behind every leader that makes it through the ranks.


Michael Velthuysen

Prophet, Principal AMI Prophetic School

A prophet with a pastor’s heart that is unafraid to weep with those who weep. Michael carries the spiritual progress of every Prophetic School student as a personal responsibility. He will go through the fire with you and stick it through even when you want to give up.


Jessica Toach

Teacher, Resident Pastor AMI San Diego, Principal Fivefold Ministry Campus

Sharp in the Word, but entirely invested into the needs of the team, partners and associates. She is the last to give up on anyone and the first to give up anything God requires be that finances, time, effort and ministry. If Jessica is your trainer, then you are in for a lifelong relationship that will feed you for years to come.


Ueli Schaer

Pastor, Leader AMI Europe

A farmer by trade, Ueli is diligent and committed to do what the Lord tells him to do! His ministry flourishes in meetings and events hosted in Switzerland. Do not underestimate his amiable nature, because he is sharp in the Word and immovable in his convictions.


Sarah Dusek

General Manager, AMISA Team Leader

Sharp in the spirit, but sharper in making sure the office stays in line with God’s plan. She is the power behind the organization and productivity we need to get the job done. Don’t take her too seriously though, because she is well-known for her sense of humor and ability to bring the house down laughing when everyone gets too serious.


Dalton Beckering

Prophet, Trainer, AMI Bookshop Manager

The “get things done” motivator that makes sure that what God says, gets done! From taking care of customers to training up prophets to office, his plate is full, but yet he still somehow finds time to spend with his fiancé (Rebekah Toach) in their personal business.