Consider this a call to rise up from the wilderness to take the place that God always intended for you. For years, the Lord has been raising up His End-Times apostles. Not men and women of grand stature, but those who have faced the travail of the cross and borne the responsibility of the Church on their shoulders. They were not found in the courts of kings, but were tried in the wilderness.

You landed on this page so that you can hear God's message for you today. The rain is coming. It is time to prepare. At Apostolic Movement International, we are doing our part in preparing the Church for the glorious plan that the Father has for Her. We firmly believe that the Lord is coming for a glorious Bride. One that is without spot and wrinkle. A Bride that is fully in love with Her Savior.

We are playing our part by raising up God's mighty warriors. Men and women who have paid the price for the call and hunger to be armed to do the work. With a strong emphasis on mentorship and spiritual parenting, we work at different levels to help you fulfill your call. In many ways, you can say that our mandate as an apostolic ministry is to help you fulfill yours!

Our part lies in identifying and training up the Fivefold Ministry. We come with a message that is bold and uncompromising. There is no amount of sugar that can sweeten the reality of self-sacrifice and death through the cross that such leaders are called to.

We are shouting out to the gladiators - those who have laid their lives down for the Lord. You do not know compromise. You look around you with a hunger to make the Church into more than She is right now. Child of God, you are not alone! Not only are we connected with thousands of leaders just like you all over the world, but we play a part in training and raising leaders just like you up!

Training the Fivefold Ministry


A move is sweeping over the Church and without realizing it, God has already set you in place. The question remains though, "Are you fulfilling your purpose?" A revelation and anointing is not enough. You need the practical training to fulfill that purpose. Are you taking full advantage of the place God has given you in the Church?

This is the part we play. We cannot give you a calling that God did not! Only the Father can give you a place, only the Holy Spirit can anoint, and it is Jesus Himself that presents you as a gift to the Church. What we can do though is take the years of training and the anointing God has given to us to help you identify your place, train you to fulfill it, and then release you to do it!

So our part in your life is threefold:

1. Identify

Our part begins with helping you identify what you are called to do. Whether your function is that of a body ministry in the local church or to establish a pattern as an apostle, we are here to confirm and release you into this place.

2. Equip

Knowing your call is the first step towards your function. Once in place, there is much you have to learn about what God has called you to do. You will be humbled to discover that the Holy Spirit has not been asleep, but has been already preparing you for this call. Our part will be to bring together everything you have lived, add knowledge, wisdom, and training to fully enable you to do your part.

3. Release

Once you pass through our training, you will be a mighty warrior equipped for your call. Our final step is to lay hands on you and through prophetic and apostolic decree, release you into your purpose. For those who pass through our training and are released, their ministries are born and existing ministries flourish. There is nothing like fulfilling your purpose, confident in who you are and what you are called to do!

For those who want more, you can rest assured that we do not leave you there. For those who need a little more help to start their ministry, we offer internship programs and are more than happy to connect you with others with your same passion.

Our training mechanism for the fivefold ministry contains a full curriculum that is tailor-made for each student according to their calling. Find out today what your calling is, and find your place under a trainer whose calling it is to help you fulfill yours!

Training the Prophets


No one needs "hands-on" more than those called to the prophetic ministry. With an extensive training program both online and live, we emphasize the importance of mentorship in our training. It is essential to keep in mind that our training is of the highest caliber and goes way beyond knowing how to flow in the gifts of the Spirit. Every believer is called to flow in the revelatory gifts... so what is left for the prophet? Your purpose remains! Prophets, you are called to introduce the Bride to her Savior. You are meant to be bringing the Church into a face-to-face relationship with Jesus.

In addition to this, you are meant to be helping believers find their place in the Body so that they can fulfill their purpose. Decree, release, training and equipping is part of your purpose. Can you say that you are fulfilling it effectively? If not, you need training. You need someone who has been along the way to show you the way to go. Prophetic training is not for the light of heart. To whom much is given, much is also required. That is why you have already been going through such a stripping process! Our training will help you identify what exactly the Holy Spirit is bringing to death in you right now.

Learning to prophesy effectively is not enough! You require a double portion of anointing! You require the authority that can only come with prophetic office. To achieve this, you must pass through the training process - a process the Holy Spirit calls all prophets to. Our two year curriculum will forge you into a vessel of honor. Follow in the footsteps of the mighty warriors that have gone the way ahead. Find your place in one of our schools:

Online Prophetic School: www.prophetic-school.com
Live Training South Africa: www.prophetic-school.co.za

Training Pastors and Teachers

We are not a Bible College. We are a ministry training center. To make things clear, our emphasis is on training through mentorship, wisdom, and knowledge. Our students consist of pastors and ministry leaders who have a knowledge of the Word and who hunger for the training that will help them fulfill their fivefold ministry calling. Our training centers around the work of the ministry, equipping for leadership and training to release the anointing. Our curriculum in the Pastor Teacher School is a precursor for those called to apostolic office and as a result, will challenge the core of what you believe God has called you to do.

Character shaping is so often neglected in the ministry training process, but through mentorship and hands-on participation, each student engages in a journey that will open doors in their ministry and help them to fulfill the extended purpose God has for them.

Online Pastor Teacher School: www.pastorteacherschool.com
Live Training South Africa: www.pastorteacherschool.co.za 
Live Training San Diego: www.ami-family.com/sandiego

Training Apostles

Can an apostle be trained by man? Only the Father can call someone to apostolic ministry, but there is no doubt that the process of training can be sped up. It takes time to identify the call to the cross. It takes time to identify the lesson that the Holy Spirit is trying to get through to you. However, if you have someone who has been along the way before, the doors suddenly open up. The time in the wilderness makes sense. The call to the cross again and again makes sense. Why you had to let everyone go makes sense. Why everyone else got the promotion instead of you makes sense.

Moses handed over to Joshua. Paul raised up Timothy and David trained up Solomon to take the throne. In the same way, there really is a place where everything makes sense. You are about to discover that what you have gone through is not unique to you. Every apostle is called to wax strong in the wilderness. Every apostle is called to let go of what he believes defines him. Our apostolic training is currently done one on one. Our school is in the process of being established after years of personally training apostles.

Feel called to the apostolic? Then, we encourage you to look into the Pastor Teacher School which is, in fact, the apostolic ministry portion of our training. Training for apostolic office will help you define your mandate and release you onto the road you are called. Also be sure to subscribe to our mailing list if you would like the announcement of the launch of the school.


Teaching from the pulpit has its place, but there is no substitute for mentorship. It is only when we disciple others into what God has wrought in us that will we see the Body of Christ mature. Bible schools, good teachers, and powerful books have been around for years. They have had a limited impact on the Church. If we want to see the Church mature at a pace such as we have never seen, then it is time for the trainers and spiritual parents of this generation to take their place.

This is indeed the central pillar of how we fulfill our mandate at Apostolic Movement International. We use the process of discipleship to train leaders into the ministry offices. We disciple new believers into Christian maturity. With a combination of sound teaching and practical training, we are rising the crest of the move of God.

Spiritual Parenting

At the foundation of our training, materials, and school structures lies the essential process of spiritual parenting. There are many with a call and a powerful anointing, however, the brokenness in their lives serve as a hurdle towards fulfilling their purpose. This is where Apostles Craig and Colette are used on a personal level to re-parent and impart to those that God brings to them.

It is not a secret that we have a Church full of broken homes and neglected believers whose foundation is marred by hurts of the past and incorrect patterns for life. There are not many apostolic leaders in the Church today who are willing to lay aside their own agenda to heal the broken right at the core of their hurt. To pick them up, train them and become parents who accept, discipline, and release them into their purpose. If you are looking for the foundation of what brings everything together in Apostolic Movement International, you will find it in the spiritual DNA that continues to be imparted through practical living.

We have no hidden agenda. What you see is what you get, and there is no question you cannot ask us. We are Apostolic Movement International, and we know that to start a movement, you need leaders whose personal agendas are put aside for a higher purpose. We are of that caliber of leaders - are you? If so, climb on board. Join a training school, get a hold of our various resources, visit one of our conferences or invite us to minister in your church. Above all - get on board, because the Apostolic Movement has indeed begun.