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October 25 - 27 (Meet Apostles Craig and Colette Toach in Chesapeake, Virginia!)

Come and discover what the Lord has for you at this workshop and learn the answer to all of the questions you have had about your apostolic training. As the highest ranking officer in the fivefold offices, God has called each apostle to carry an incredible anointing and mandate.

However, knowing where you have been and knowing what the Lord needs you to do are two VERY different things.

Our next workshop in Chesapeake, Virginia is no different! It’s not “just another apostolic workshop” where you get to sit in the crowd.

No... our workshops include the following for every person that attends:

  • Practical team projects between teachings

  • Personal prayer and direction

  • Personal prophecy and impartation from the Apostles

  • Personal Release and Decree (opening and closing doors on your behalf)

  • Fellowship with like-minded leaders

  • We connect and build relationships with each one… READ MORE…


Welcome to the headquarters site of Apostolic Movement International. Founded and led by Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, our mandate is to help you fulfill yours. With a focus on training the Fivefold Ministry, we accomplish this mandate through the process of training, mentorship and spiritual parenting. Browse our divisions below to see which is the best fit for you.


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Our four primary divisions act as the pillars of our ministry. We offer resource sites with a host of free teaching and materials, but our real training is accomplished through our schools, campus, and bookshop. Each division is lead by a fivefold ministry team that balances marriage, family, ministry, and business. When you call in, you will not get a stranger on the line - you will be connecting with a minister who has paid a price to fulfill their call.

As we have grown over the years, there are just some standards that we refuse to compromise on. The first is being real and tangible to God’s people! Whether you visit at one of our ministry centers, call in, or take an online course, you can rest assured you will be engaged with someone who is as invested into your call as you are. We make an effort to use our names and post our pictures when we write, so that you know exactly who you are talking to. We are personal, and you can ask us anything. No veils. No walls - just a team who is madly in love with Jesus and passionate about seeing you get established in your ministry.

Meet the Founders and Team

Meet The Team

We are a team-based ministry whose focus is on the importance of mentorship and spiritual parenting in the Church. We need relationship to accomplish what God has given us to do. The era of “God’s man for the hour” is over, and the era of family and couple teams is on the rise. We are bold, unafraid, and committed to raising up teams - starting with our own. Apostles Craig and Colette have personally imparted to and trained each team member. They also have four natural children who play a vital role in the ministry. So, when you get to know us, you will find yourself surrounded by a support system. No matter your call or background, you will find someone to connect with!

The AMI Team is made up of leaders from South Africa, Switzerland, the United States and Mexico. The Lord has made it clear that we are to present to the Church a model for others to follow who have received the call to establish teams and operate as spiritual parents. Visit our “Meet the Team” page to meet everyone who is an active part of the team.

Apostles Craig and Colette with Son Michael

Apostles Craig and Colette with Son Michael

Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry

Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry

Prophets Michael and Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Prophets Michael and Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Pastors Austin and Jessica Toach

Pastors Austin and Jessica Toach

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Additional Resources

Below are a list of additional sites containing free resources established by AMI.

The Way of Dreams and Visions

Symbols, teaching and knowledge on how to interpret dreams and visions. Enroll in the free Dreams and Visions course at this site.

AMI Bookshelf

A collection of teachings from Apostles Craig and Colette and the rest of the team

Prophetic Network

A collection of teachings for the prophets. Enroll in the free prophetic course at this site.