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FINANCES. What We Believe

Identifying the Fivefold Ministry Seminar - April 24-26th 2015

Called. Anointed. Appointed... Now what?

Who has more authority - prophet or pastor? Can you hold more than one fivefold office? Do we really need apostles in this day and age?

There are so many teachings currently out there that it can be hard to discern the true from the false. However, this stops NOW. It is time that the fivefold ministry becomes more than a mere mystery and controversy in the church. It is time to move on to maturity and go from trying to understand what the fivefold ministry is, to actually DOING the work that it was created for.

Jesus gave the fivefold ministry for the maturing of the saints - so that every believer may move from milk to meat, simple children to friends of God, victims of circumstances to reigning kings and queens.

There is no doubt about it, as one called to the fivefold ministry, you are called to be a pillar in the Lord's Kingdom. When each one of these five pillars are in their place and doing their job, indeed, the church will enter into a golden age of prosperity, goodness of health and richness of life that the world has yet to see.

At this seminar, you will discover the magnitude of what you have been called to. You will receive a focus that no demon in hell could rattle. When you receive the full picture for the pattern for the fivefold ministry, you will understand your place and know exactly what steps you need to take, to fulfill your calling.

As Principal of the Fivefold Ministry School, I am extremely honored to present to you the speaker of this seminar, my apostle- Apostle Colette Toach. I am sure you know all about her, especially if you are a student here, but I just cannot help myself but give her the grand introduction that she deserves...

The Speaker

Having mentored numerous into a Fivefold Ministry Office, there is no doubt that the Lord has given her a special ability to take anybody the Lord puts at her knee and to raise them up into a mighty warrior.

She is a trainer of trainers, a highly sought after mentor and an apostolic mother to the church. Just as Deborah of old gave instruction and mothered Israel, so Apostle Colette pours out to the church, nurtures her to maturity and leads her in to battle. When you come to receive at this seminar, you can be sure that Apostle Colette will impart to you every bit of the pattern that God has given her.

Anybody can teach you what they know about the fivefold ministry, but not everybody has a mandate from God to implement it, raise it up and to put each one in it's place. Not everybody has a mandate from God to set the standard of what the fivefold ministry is in the church.

Having trained up prophets and apostles, teachers, evangelists and pastors since 1999, Apostle Colette never holds anything back but always delivers a feast! When you come, you will want to bring a recorder... because you will be chewing on this for years to come.

The Covering

Covering her every step of the way, is the one and only, my spiritual father and my apostle as well - Apostle Craig Toach. His presence is the tent over our heads. He is the boss, the bussiness man, the father, the husband, the spiritual leader, and the friend that is always a solid rock that you can lean on.

In contrast to Apostle Colette, who knew the Lord all her life, Apostle Craig received salvation as a young man and within months, the Lord raised him up into prophetic office. From unbeliever to prophet in office moving on to apostolic office, the Lord has exposed him to all fivefold ministries, as both of them share in the apostolic mandate given to them.

Although he often wears the "boss" hat around here, he is also the first one that will make you feel like home when you arrive at the seminar. You can expect a warm smile, a friendly hug, and also to share some good laughs with Apostle Craig. For this seminar, he will not be getting behind the pulpit, but he will be hosting and speaking during our 2015 Graduation Ceremony on Sunday.

The Mighty Men - Available to YOU

There is MORE - Apostles Craig and Colette do not stand alone, but in everything, they have the backing of a team that they have raised up by their own hands, heart, sweat and blood. Always surrounding them is an apostolic team of fivefold ministers. In between each session, Apostle Craig and Colette's ministry team will make themselves available for ministry, direction, confirmation of your calling and prayer, as the Lord leads.

This is often the time when real change takes place, doors are opened... and shut, and when you leave with that very answer that you have been seeking the Lord for. You can be sure that what you receive is as good as receiving from Apostles Craig and Colette themselves.

In each team member you will recognize the same annointing, spiritual DNA, and the same passion for the Lord that you see in this pair of apostolic parents. Each one is a mighty warrior in their own right, having left homes, families, jobs, and their own country to follow after the call. Our motto is that nobody leaves without getting what the Lord has for them. You will discover that we make your calling our business and care about it as much... or even more, than you do.

Now, I hope you are on the edge of your seat, because I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store. If you are fired up and if you feel that stirring in your belly, then God wants you to be here. Join me in April and let's have a jolly good time, shall we?

With Love and Blessings,

Chaifa Berry
Fivefold Ministry School Principal
Apostolic Movement International




Venue: AMI Ministry Headquarters in Descanso, California

Speaker: Apostle Colette Toach

Dates: April 24 - 26, 2015 (Friday - Sunday)

Can't Join Us Live at the Center? No problem - LIVE STREAMING is On!

If you have felt a stirring within as you read about this seminar, but don't have the option to travel to our ministry center to attend the seminar live, don't despair. We will be live streaming the entire seminar so you will be able to join us in real time. The fee to join us online is both $100.



DAY 1: Friday, April 24

Session 1 - Identifying the Evangelist

Think you know everything there is to know about the Evangelist? You will discover that a ministry to unbelievers is just a fraction of the mandate that the Evangelist is to carry out. In this day and age of complacency and the spirit of the world rampant in the church, there is only one fire that can shake the foundation of the church - the evangelistic fire!

Discover the cost of walking in revival power. Learn the signs that confirm your calling and then identify where you are in your training. The Evangelist walks in authority and the devil knows him by name. You will not walk out of this session without being ignited by the Holy Spirit!

Time: 10:00am (PST)
Apostle Colette Toach

Session 2 - Identifying the Pastor

Nobody wants to be a pastor these days. Next to the "hot shot" prophet, who wants to be a nice guy? In this session, however, you will discover that the pastor is not just a lamb, but very much a lion. The way the Lord knits his heart to the flock is something to be admired.

You will discover that the training of a pastor is one of the most transforming of the fivefold ministry. By the end of this message, you will not want to be anything else, but a pastor!

Time: 7:00pm (PST)
Apostle Colette Toach


DAY 2: Saturday, April 25

Session 3 - Identifying the Teacher

In this session, you will come to love and respect the Teacher. Discover the teaching anointing and why it is that the teacher has the ability to make you thirst for the Word. If you suspect a teaching calling, you need to be at this session. The teacher goes through one of the longest trainings of the fivefold ministry. Identify where you are and confirm your teacher calling.

Time: 10:00am (PST)
Apostle Colette Toach

Session 4 - Identifying the Prophet

Everybody wants to be a prophet these days, but who really knows what the job of a prophet is? How can you tell the true from the false?

In this session, you will be imparted with fresh revelation that will put you on the cutting edge of the prophetic movement. The church is sick of the theif, the false prophet and the one that comes to tear them down. It is time to move on to maturity so that God's prophets can do the real job they were trained to do.

God is raising up mighty warriors and watchmens all over the world. If you are one of these, or work alongside one, you cannot afford to NOT know about the prophetic mandate. It is time to move on to maturity, from simply flowing in the gifts to protecting the apostolic movement that has been birthed.

Time: 2:00pm (PST)
Apostle Colette Toach

Session 3 - Identifying the Apostle

He is the leader. He is the one that goes forward, regardless if anybody follows. He lives on the cutting edge of what God is doing. He has a mandate. He moves the kingdom of God forward and He does not waste any time. He is... the apostle.

In this session, you will discover the signs of this calling. You will learn what makes an apostle an apostle, what it takes to be an apostle and the preparation and training that one goes through to reach this office. You may not start out as the leader that you have been called to be, but by the time He is through with you, you would have gone through a transformation like none other.

By the time this session ends, you cannot NOT hear what you have heard. You will be challenged to maturity and you will see the church in the eye's of the Father. You will come to see the Kingdom for what it really is... and if you are called to be an apostle, this message has the potential to put you on the super highway to your calling.

Time: 7:00 pm (PST)
Apostle Colette Toach


DAY 3: Sunday, April 26

Session 5 - Graduation Ceremony for 2015 Graduates

Time: 10:00am (PST)

Apostle Craig Toach
Chaifa Berry, Fivefold School Principal
School Valedictorian - Anne Chen
Ronald and Denise Jordan - AMI South Africa Lecturers (via video recording)
Michele Kaster -AMI South Africa Lecturer (via video recording)
Rahel Faes - AMI Europe Lecturer (via video recording)

Ordination, release and decree, and the laying on of hands for the work of the ministry, as the Lord leads:

Apostles Craig and Colette Toach & AMI Ministry Team


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Seminar Fees

Attendee Registration and Fees:

$50 Registration Fee

$50 Seminar Fee upon arrival

Live Streaming Registration:

$100 Live streaming fee


Because our seminars are often intimate and have an attendee capacity limit, by the end of the seminar those who are strangers leave as family. Our attendees are often pleasantly surprised by the "home" feel of our Ministry Center. Not only is this a Ministry Center, but it is very much a lived-in home.

Many friendships... and even a marriage, have been forged in our lounge, in our kitchen, and in our meeting hall.

Each session starts with an anointed time of praise and worship, followed by the dynamic teaching and preaching of Apostle Colette Toach. After the messages, the highlight for many attendees is the fellowship.In between sessions the AMI Ministers will also be available for personal one-on-one ministry so that you receive the most out of this weekend.

Contact and Info

For more information abo contact our office at:

760-466-7679 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm) for further details.

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Travel Details

The best route to take would be for you to fly directly to San Diego airport (SAN). It is the closest airport to the Mnistry Center, which is only a 50 minute drive (by car).


The best place to book into during this seminar is the Ayres Lodge in Alpine, CA. This hotel is about 10 minutes away from the Ministry Center (by car). We suggest that you rent a car for your stay as there is no public transportation available to the Ministry Center, and it will make traveling back and forth much easier. You can contact us for car-pooling options between attendees also.


Snacks and Beverages such as Coffee and Tea will be provided during the seminar, but attendees will be responsible for their own meals. There a number of fast food resturants as well as fine dining options and grocery stores in the area.

Sunday ONLY: Food and drinks will be provided for after the Graduation Ceremony. We will continue fellowship at this time and start saying our "good-byes" as each attendee takes off. Be WARNED: This could be emotional, because by this time, we would have become very good friends (smile).

Phone Contact

760 466 7679 (8am to 5pm California Time Weekdays Only)


Click here to contact us


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