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FINANCES. What We Believe


Apostles Craig and Colette ToachPaid the Price? You have NO idea!

There are two kinds of ministers in the Body of Christ. There are those that go to bible seminary and qualify via certification alone, and then you get the rest of us. The second group, that paid a price that you cannot put any money into. A price that went beyond some good study.

With every rejection you faced. With every struggle and pressure that came at you, you paid a price that only one that has 'been there' can understand. Craig and I have been training God's ministers for some time now and if there is one motto we have through it all it has to be: "BY HIS GRACE!"

Because only when you have been through the trials, the death and the true price of the call do you understand that. You understand that it is not about how great you are, but about how great the Lord is. When someone talks about 'paying the price' you can only look at them and think have NO idea!

What is UP With You?

You see, you have something special to give the Body of Christ. You are a little different and dare I say ...a bit of a boat-rocker? Deep in your heart there is a fire that burns no matter what has happened to you. No matter how many times you have faced rejection or struggles, you are crazy enough to still think, "I want to be used of God!"

How do I know this? Well because we have a group of fantastic partners with a heart just like yours. Men and women of God who have paid the price for the call on their lives. Together we are taking the land for the Lord and it is our partnership that makes us strong. Alone we can only accomplish so much, but together, we are a powerful team that the enemy cannot shake.


What we are building right here is not a big ocean liner where everyone can jump on board. Rather we are building a fleet of ships. Sure, we all look different and each has its own function, but together we are like the explorers of old. Taking land and reaching new heights in the Lord.

And so we invite you to partner with us. A two-way partnership where we not only give you apostolic covering, but something even more powerful than that:

  • Association with other like minded ministries
  • Mentorship and Training for your ministry
  • Spiritual Parentage and a new Spiritual DNA
  • Apostolic Parentage and a new Ministry Family in the Lord
  • Ordination and Licensing for the work of the ministry


Please understand that we would love to accept all the applications we receive, but because of the personal attention we give our partners, we are limited only to those that really do mean business with God.

Because we understand the price you have had to pay for the call of God on your life, we want to be there to help give you what you need to start NOW!

Upon finalization of your application you receive the following:

1. Probationary Ministerial Credentials

To get you started right away we issue you ministerial credentials (renewable every 6 months)

2. A Welcome Gift

Sent to your mailing address as a "Welcome to the Family" gift, we pick something out for you that we know you will like based on your application.

3. Monthly Media.

Every month you can expect something in the mail from us. Beginning with the AMI Motivation Magazine, you can also look forward to the occasional DVD and audio CD. Materials are for PARTNERS ONLY and have not been published.

You Want To Head Out Into Deep Waters BUT...

  1. You are not qualified
  2. You have no protection or association
  3. You have no apostolic mandate

God has a new pattern, and we are offering this to you right here. Instead of building a huge ship, we are building:



  1. We will pour into you and help you build your ministry
  2. You pour back to enable us to raise others like you
  3. Together we will change the Face of the Body of Christ

Here is What We Offer You As A Partner of AMI

  1. Association with other like minded ministries
  2. Mentorship and Training for your ministry
  3. Spiritual Parentage and a new Spiritual DNA
  4. Apostolic Parentage and a new Ministry Family in the Lord
  5. Ordination and Licensing for the work of the ministry

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